Everything you need to know on our prelaunch to become a Digital Health Leader

We are very fortunate in the interest shown in our pre-launch for healthcare professionals! And ... we have received a LOT of questions, from multiple pharmacists, nutritionists and mental health professionals! Get your answers here!

Everything you need to know on our prelaunch to become a Digital Health Leader

On December 17th, we announced our pre-launch offer. Many of you recognized the potential of our tools for your practice, as witnessed by our 142 first users! That said, we were asked several questions, especially about prices and inclusions. So here are the answers:

As a pharmacy or a group of psychologists, do I have to take the individual or organizational license?

  • The individual license is ideal for professionals in private or solo practice (nutritionist for example).

Check out all of our pre-launch prices and inclusions here

The organizational license will allow you to offer the platform to your entire team in addition to personalizing the delivery of health apps to patients on behalf of your organization.

Why a pre-launch?

With the pandemic, the use of digital health tools, such as health apps, has jumped. In addition to the changes already imposed by the pandemic, healthcare professionnals must now adapt to a new digital reality. This pre-launch is the result of hard work over the past 2 years, accelerated since March, so that clinicians can become leaders in digital health by democratizing our know-how. We want to help you identify the best avenues for intervention through the available health apps, with the aim of bringing you closer to your patients in a remote care context, and optimizing non-pharmacological interventions, often made much more effective by digital technology (article to come on some concrete examples shortly).

With this pre-launch, we wish to bring together a large community of multidisciplinary peers in order to accelerate the development of our offer allowing you to make this digital transition possible.

How will these three tools impact my daily practice?

It is through TherAppX Community that you will access our network of experts, read the comments of your peers on all digital health news and receive the continuing education and guides most relevant to your practice, whatever your background. Good examples of questions that can be answered in the community:

  • What about a new app that has just been released (eg COVID Alert)?
  • What to think of the app that has just been suggested by my patient's insurance?
  • What tools can I use in my practice to exercise Law 41 digitally, as a pharmacist?
  • Should we be encouraging calorie counting through apps or favoring intuitive eating?
  • Which non-pharmacological intervention using health apps are the most effective for my patients, regardless of my profession?

We will be posting regular webinars on the apps, and our system sends you a weekly newsletter on what's new.

TherAppX Core is your everyday dictionary on health apps. It brings together our 805 ratings (more than 45,000 data on apps). It first allows you to answer your patients' questions about the apps. Often it is used to advise against an app rather than to advise one. The library therefore acts as a safety filter for your patients. For clinicians wishing to integrate certain health apps into their practice, you can individualize the choice to each and every patient, depending on the clinical objectives you and your patient have (health and wellness vs. monitoring vs. self-management of their condition vs. all of those!). It allows to go from 170,000 health apps to just a few, thanks to the filters. The importance of individualizing the choice of apps to patients has been demonstrated over and over again in the literature. Our library covers 27 health conditions, which is why it is aimed and suitable for all types of health professionals.

Click here to learn more about our filters and Core.

TherAppX Prescribe is the perfect tool to support your patients in their digital health journey. With it 👉 you will have a tool to differentiate yourself from your peers. Make app advice easy by sending recommendations by SMS, in addition to sending them a description and what we call a posology (how the patient should use the app as part of your follow-up or treatment). You can choose between sending a specific app to your patient (your favorite, let's say), or rather having them choose an app themselves). Sending health apps by SMS increases download rates from 7% to 90% according to various studies, and our pilot projects. As for the posology, this is to ensure that the patient is using the app as desired, eg. ex. in diabetes monitoring, in terms of the number of blood sugar measurements and the notation in its diary or its connected app (Freestyle Libre, Verio / Reveal, etc.). For psychologists, an example of dosage would be the number of meditation sessions to do in an app! Our clinicians pre-prepare a dosage for each of the apps as a suggestion.

See our tools for recommending the right app to the right patient to optimize non-pharmacological measures.

Why not wait until February 1st?

Being one of the first to join our ecosystem deserves some perks! You can check out all the benefits here, the most important of which: the price is guaranteed for life! 👉 A young, growing company like ours has multiple projects (see our next features being developed). Securing a price protects you against price increases over time, or simply our regular price, since we are offering you a discount of over 50%. We offer license options for 1, 2, 3 or 4 years with additional discounts.

That's all! For any other question, do not hesitate to contact us!